Saigon Today is run mostly by a group of volunteers who are fascinated with the world as it centres on Saigon. There is a mixture of Expat and Locals who enjoy bringing this information to the public, without the heavy hand of a Tourist organisation, a corporate structure or any other constraint.

Normally, you would now see a list of people. Well, at this time, you won't. 

Saigon Today has been bringing coverage since 1998 and is the longest running web site about Saigon [and Vietnam]. We are now bringing you a newly revised layout of the web site. However, all good things must end, and indeed, Saigon Today has accomplished its mission, and will be retired by end of 2014. A lot of the archival photography will live on, but will be located in a new web site [as yet undecided]. We may even bring downloadable collections, DVD and BluRay compilations of the Golden Period from the mid-90s to the late 2000's.

Saigon Today brings together all that is happening in Saigon Today!

From Sports, to Hotels, to Entertainment, to Events, to.........

You should be able to find everything you need on this site.

We will also have links to other sites dealing with Saigon and Vietnam as relevant

Check in frequently to be able to catch up on news of today and perhaps more important, news of yesterday, when you missed something in the daily newspapers.

If you are outside of Vietnam, it is hoped that this site will keep you abreast of the lighter side of Saigon, and see what you are missing, or perhaps help plan your vacation or business visit.

If you are looking for something and it is not here (Oh Dear!), then let us know through the Feedback section. We will try to add whatever you request

In case you are wondering about the picture. That was the early offices of Saigon Today Staff. It was located in Quang Trung Software Park and was one of the original buildings when the Software Park opened. The history of the building goes back much further to pre-1975 when it was part of a Boot Camp for the then South Vietnamese Military. Prior to that it seems to have belonged to the French Military, but that is uncertain. After 1975 it was still a Boot Camp, but for the now unified Vietnam. This status continued until the formation of Quang Trung Software Park at the beginning of the 2000's. Things have come a long way since then.